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Thinking of applying for a vacancy with us, or, do you have a question about your application?

Here are a few FAQ’s which might help you…

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     I have a question about my application, who do I contact?

Thank you for your application to Carpetright. If you applied online and have a query on the progress of your application, you can log into your profile by using your username and password and you will be able to see the status. If you would rather speak to our Recruitment Team, please contact 01708802000

 I have worked for Carpetright in the past, can I apply for another position?

 have applied for a position at Carpetright via an Agency, who do I need to contact about the progress?

Yes, you can apply for a position at Carpetright if you have worked for us previously.

Firstly, thank you for applying for a position with us at Carpetright. You will need to contact the Agency for an update on progress as we will liaise directly with them.

 I would like to apply online for a vacancy at Carpetright and need to upload my CV, how can I do this?

If you have filled in your profile details on a mobile/smart device you will need to log in using a desktop or PC to upload your CV.